Animal print with plaid! #ootd #icreatestylz

Fashion is and will always be a passion of mine. I will forever love clothes and pairing outfits, but my true gift is the ability to illustrate true authentic style. 

When styling someone my heartfelt desire is to help them feel good about themselves. God has gifted me to be such a vessel, therefore while styling a client I want them to feel BLESSED during the process. I want my clients to not only look good but feel great about who they are through His eyes. I want our interaction to be more than an experience of my gift of style, but I want them to experience  joy, peace, and confidence as they look in the mirror, and see the one who is loved, wonderfully and  fearfully made as well as classy. #abstylz💋 

Just an ordinary woman with an eye for unique style 💋 Hoping to help others find their flare right in their own closet