Stylz Virtual Bag – $275 

 This package is 100% virtual.  Stylist will personally shop online for the client that doesn’t have to the time to shop.  This package offers up to 25 complete looks paired with items to mix and match to create multiple styles. Shopping links are included to purchase items. 

Stylz In House Bag – $180 (3 hours)

This package is for the clients that loves to shop but needs AB’s assistance with pairing outfits.  It includes a one-on-one visit at the client’s home to pair stylish looks with items directly from their closet.  Stylz in House does not include shopping.

Stylz Personal Shopper- $100 (min 2 hours)

This package is for the client that need personal assistance while physically shopping. Stylist will personally assist with pairing pieces for complete outfits including shoes and accessories if needed. Each additional hourly rate is $35

Stylz Complete Me Bag – $60

This package is for the client recently purchased item(s) in which they are unsure on how to wear them or put them together to create a complete look.  Stylist will create 2-3 customized style boards/looks using the item(s) the client purchased. If shopping is needed, shopping links are included at an additional cost.