I find myself doing things I know I shouldn’t just to feel better for second. Anyone ever did that? Well you see I’m healing. Healing from childhood trauma that seems to take forever to get over. For years I have been hushed and played by the book but it’s time to let it out. It’s time to be a testimony for someone that needs just a piece of my strength. My story is deep and hurtful to even talk about but I have to. I have to release it to properly forgive. To properly forgive myself for thinking it was my fault. I’m sure someone reading this can relate but naw baby it’s never your fault when you are victimized. Take it from someone that has been on a couch or two, healing is painful, dreadful but doable. Will it happen over night, nope but it will happen. Even though at 46 I still replay events in my head I know I am no where near where I could have been. It’s all of God grace and most definitely his mercy that has kept me. I’m here to tell my story but not sure where to begin. I have a glimpse of my childhood but maybe I need to get into what my life was like growing up.

What y’all think?

To be continued ….

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