Young AB Stylz

What is Rare Breed?

What does it mean?

Where does it come from?

Well…for starters it come from within oneself. From a very young child I knew I was different. I looked, acted, was raised,and dressed different. You see my mom became a mother at the tender age of 16. Basically a child having a child. She herself had an unusual upbringing with a lot of displacement, dysfunction and trauma. She had to figure it out and learned a few lessons the hard way mentally, emotionally and even physically. So you have this child with a baby girl to raise and love as she tries to figure out life for herself. Through her struggles and gains she birth a Rare Breed.

As I stated it comes from within. If you defeated the odds, kept pushing even when things were tough, survived mental anguish, became something from nothing, survived trauma of any kind and didn’t let it define who you are or who you wanted to become then consider yourself a RARE BREED‼️

I’m not saying I grew up poor and was raised on welfare but my life was different from my younger siblings. You see, not only did I see things around me that was erroneous I was also a victim of sexual abuse at a young age. I didn’t have the support a young girl needed and was placed in different atmospheres that continued to expose me to wrong behavior so that made me think and act unlike others at a young age. I also stuck out when it came to having friends and relatives my age. I felt unlike others and was treated different by many. I remember being placed in group therapy by the courts and even though I knew I was hurting I was strong. Strong enough not to want to hurt myself or turn to drugs. A counselor once said “you are rare… it’s not many girls your age that obtains the strength you have” so that stuck with me. From that day on I knew I had to stay strong and push through whatever came my way. So your girl propelled through life after being sexually abused, physically abused, mentally and emotionally abused. I tried to be as normal as I could but realizing now as an adult that I was suppressing more than pushing (IYKYK).

As I stated earlier I dressed different than my peers. Regardless of my pain I had one thing I love and that was MY CLOTHES 🥰. I can remember as early as elementary that feeling I got when I had on something new. It was like a rush and if I looked good I felt good. I was able to camouflage whatever pain I was feeling with what I wore. Without realizing it AB Stylz was being invented. I used my clothes as an armor. Yes new clothes gave me a rush but it got to a point that just putting together a nice outfit gave me a rush. I won’t go into all that because I expressed that in my older blog but you get the picture. I said all that to say that even though I was a young bruised girl I was strong enough to put my focus on something small but big enough to bring me joy and keep me going. So yes, I was hurting and always wondering “ why me” I knew that in order for me to have what I needed to keep my armor strong I had to finish school and get a job. So with all that anguish I had built up inside of me I knew I had to keep plunging forward. Hey that’s what RARE BREEDS do, right! We keep going and playing nice no matter what.

To be continued….

Just an ordinary woman with an eye for unique style 💋 Hoping to help others find their flare right in their own closet