As long as I could remember I’ve had a love for fashion.  I looked forward to shopping whether, it was for school or summer clothing.  I was so in-tuned with my own style it was as if I was born as a stylist. LOL! My mom stopped trying to shop for me and allowed me to put my own clothes together myself as early as elementary.  She gave me the freedom to be AB. 

I was very shy growing up and it probably didn’t help that I was the only girl and the oldest of three siblings but my clothing was my way of expressing who Aleisha is or Lee-Lee back then lol.   My style was always very different.  It was nothing outrageous but it was conservative at a young age.  I loved my blouses to have ruffles and buttons.  My denim had to be high waist ,lol. Not that I even knew what high-waist jeans were then,  but I knew I wanted my jeans high up enough to tuck my shirt in so that it would not come out.  I was also obsessed with Chic and Lee jeans.  Lol, I had to make sure I looked neat at all times.  

When I entered middle school it became more of a thing for me.  In the 80s’ it was important that my socks matched my silk shirt or jacket and my shoes had to be scuff free and up to date.  My brands of choice back then were Levis, Jordache, Bass, Eastlands, Nike (of course) and Izod (currently known as Lacoste) just to name a few.  

High school became even more serious.  I continued to be my preppy/conservative self but I started to add a little flair to my style by this time.  I was starting to be more trendy with an AB twist.  When everyone else was wearing Girbauds with Jordans and Fila, I was mixing mine up with either penny loafers or Ellesse.  My shirt had to be of some type of print or body suit.  Yes bodysuit.  That was the more appropriate  thing to wear if you didn’t want your shirt to come out of your pants.  As I stated before,  I wanted to be on point at any given time, on any given day. 

As I got older I started reconstructing clothing for myself.  I would make denim jeans into a mini skirt or chop up a blazer to fit the look I was going for at the time.   I could go on and on about AB’s forever evolving style but the one thing that never changed was my authenticity to myself.  I wore and still wear items that most wouldn’t know what to do with, but my eye for style is a unique gift which I am now introducing to the world.  

I pray that everyone that clicks on my page will leave inspired!

Just an ordinary woman with an eye for unique style 💋 Hoping to help others find their flare right in their own closet