This is a new year and although I desire to leave 2021 behind I’m grateful for the lessons in life and business along with the new people I’ve been introduced to. I’m determined to be more intentional in all that I do. It’s time to really allow God to take full control. I desire to do so much more than just being a stylist. I have a message that needs to get out as well as heal so that I can continue to evolve in my strength. AB Stylz will be more present in 2022. I hid behind fear, doubt, uncertainty and everything that was going against what God has planned for me. Rare Breed will be seen and heard of around the world. The message of healing and grace will flourish and so many lives will be renewed. I will walk knowing and understanding that just a mustard seed of faith will open doors and connect me to people that will change my life for the better. In 2022 I will practice patience and move with Grace.

Happy New year 2022

Just an ordinary woman with an eye for unique style 💋 Hoping to help others find their flare right in their own closet